Home Kalon Inaugurates New Road Project at Mundgod; Holds Talk on Rehabilitation Policy in Karnataka

October 7, 2015

Home Kalon Ms. Dolma Gyari with Mr. R.V Deshpande, Tourism Minister of the Government of Karnataka.

MUNDGOD: Home Kalon Ms. Gyari Dolma held a successful set of meetings with senior state government officials on the Tibetan Rehabilitation policy, following which the Kalon and Shri. R.V. Despande, Hon'ble Minister for Industries and Tourism, Government of Karnataka inaugurated the construction of a new cement concrete road project worth Rs. 300 lakhs at Doeguling Tibetan settlement, Mundgod.

Prior to the Mundgod event, Home Kalon met with several senior officers of the Karnataka Government in Bangalore and Mysore including Shri. Kaushik Mukherjee, I.A.S. Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka. Home Kalon also requested for the inclusion of Tibetan cultural handicrafts and enterprises in the Global Investors Meet, an event that is scheduled to be organized by the Karnataka Government's Commerce & Industries Department and which seeks to attract investments from all over the world to the state.

In addition, the Secretary to Karnataka Government Food & Civil Supplies department agreed to renew and clear the pending case of issuing Ration Cards to Tibetans.

In a separate meeting with Dr. Basavaraju, I.A.S., Principal Secretary to Government Revenue Department, the Home Kalon discussed the execution of lease deeds for the lands allotted to Tibetans. As a result of the meeting, the Karnataka Government's Revenue Department issued a directive to all Deputy Commissioner of Districts, authorizing Deputy Commissioners of the three Districts of Mysore, Karwaar and Chamrajnagar to enter into lease deeds with Tibetan Settlement Officers of all five Tibetan settlements in Karnataka.

The Home Kalon also called on Shri. M. Madan Gopal, I.A.S., Addl. Chief Secretary to Karnataka Government of Forest & Ecology to thank him and his team in the Forest Department for the Government Gazette Notification - one of the most significant documents issued in respect to the lands allotted to Tibetan refugees in Karnataka.

Thereafter, the Home Kalon left for Mysore to have a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner of Mysore District, Forest Department officials and Assistant Commissioner of Hunsur Division to discuss the technicalities of executing the lease. At the meeting, it was agreed that the lease deeds of Rabgayling Tibetan settlement, Hunsur, would initially be executed.

In Mundgod Tibetan settlement, Home Kalon had an internal (Shung-mol) meeting with CTA officials, heads of the various organizations and camp leaders. Home Kalon also visited and had serious meetings with the staff members of several organizations such as the Old Aged Home, Dairy Farm, newly arrived Tibetan rehabilitation housing project and organic mango field and inspected drought hit rice field acres.

On October 4, Home Kalon along with Shri. R.V. Deshpande and Shri. Hebbar, Local MLA, Mundgod inaugurated the 300 lakh project to construct a new cement concrete main road at Doeguling Tibetan settlement. This funding for the project was sanctioned by the Tourism Department, Government of Karnataka to promote tourism in Mundgod given the large Buddhist monasteries in and cultural significance of the Tibetan settlement. At the same time, the construction of a new Yatri Nivas at Mundgod Tibetan settlement, with a budget of Rs. 75 lakhs, is underway.

During the inaugural ceremony, Hon'ble Minister for Karnataka Tourism expressed happiness at realizing this new project of road construction at Mundgod. He also stressed added on the need to nurture friendly and cordial relationships between the locals and the Tibetan community. Shri. Hebbar, MLA also reiterated the importance of developing good relationships between the two communities through business transactions at Mundgod town. Home Kalon thanked the Government of Karnataka on the behalf of the CTA and the Mundgod Tibetan community for funding the new road main road project at Mundgod.

Later, a separate meeting was held with the Local MLA, Assistant Commissioner, Tehsildhar and joined by Karnataka Government District Officers of the different departments. During the meeting, it was agreed that lease deeds of the lands allotted to Mundgod Tibetan settlement will be executed within one week and thereafter, a joint survey would be conducted to ensure RTC is issued to Tibetan farmers.

Home Kalon meeting with Deputy Commissioner of Mysore District.

In the meeting, a fresh proposal for internal camp connectivity road proposal of Rs. 370 lakhs and Drinking water proposal of Rs. 120 lakhs was also discussed and the local administration assured that the same would be recommended to the State Government. As requested, the Administration also gave its assurances that the Electricity tariff would be converted to rural from the present urban billing which will be huge relief to the Tibetans.

Before departing for Delhi via Goa, Home Kalon visited a Hindu temple & Masjid Mosque in Mundgod to pay respect and met with local priests.

The Home Kalon's South India tour was accompanied by Addl. Secretary Palden Dhondup, Chief Representative Karma Damdul and Mr. Chophel Thupten, Dy. Secretary of the Office of the Chief Representative.