Home Kalon's Site Visit at Bir

September 9, 2015

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari at the construction site, on 7 September at Bir.

BIR: Home Kalon Dolma Gyari accompanied by Secretary Khorlatsang Sonam Topgyal, Additional Secretary Palden Dhondup and Joint Secretary Tsering Tsomo paid site visit at Bir Housing Project on 7 September. The Project was dedicated to provide accommodation for 72 families consisting of 216 people who are newly arrived from Tibet (NAT) and are living in and around Bir area in rented house.

The estimated cost of the project is Rupees 7.2 Crores of which 1.25 crores was contributed by the Central Tibetan Administration and the rest was from donations contributed E.C.H Eversdijk Smulders Stichting, the Netherlands and Kalsang Dakpa Dolma Foundation.

Three settlement officers along with presidents of societies and representatives of newly arrived Tibetan association welcomed the team at the site. The visit was primarily aimed to check the progress of the Project work and to meet with Architect to discuss the possibilities of making changes in the design of rooms without affecting the built up area by considering number of family members in each family

The ongoing construction for the newly arrived Tibetans from Tibet at Bir.

So far 10 houses have been completed except roofing work, remaining are in full swing. The project is going smoothly under the direction of the Kalon, Secretary and the project committee of Home Department.