Karnataka Orders Concerned Departments to Begin Work on Rehabilitation Policy

August 28, 2015

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari with South India Tibetan settlement officers working on the quick start of
the 2014 Rehabilitation Policy.

BANGALORE: Home Kalon Dolma Gyari of the Central Tibetan Administration, yesterday concluded a successful visit to Bangalore, after meeting with heads of several key departments of the Karnataka Government and Tibetan Settlement Officers in South India to appeal for the implementation of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy - 2014.

The Karnataka Government issued a Gazette notification order, based on which all concerned Karnataka State Departments can formally initiate the implementation of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy, including mandating the de-notification of all forest lands and requiring the Revenue Department to enter into lease deeds with the Tibetan people and issue Right Tenancy Certificate (or RTC) to Tibetans in Karnataka.

During Kalon's meeting with Shri. S.K. Pattanayak, I.A.S. Addl. Chief Secretary, Home Department, she urged the State Government to initiate the implementation of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy - 2014 in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Government of India. To this, Mr. Pattanayak immediately asked the concerned State Departments, such as Revenue, Housing and Deputy Commissioner of Mysore District, to accelerate their work on the policy. The meeting was also attended by Mr. A.G. Bhatt, Addl. Secretary, Home Department, Mr. Chophel Thupten, Chief Representative (In Charge), Settlement Officers of Bylakuppe and Co-operative President.

Mr. Chophel Thupten also raised the issue of the delay Tibetans face when applying for an Identity Certificate (IC) or a Return Visa due to the long procedure involved in granting a Return Visa or conducting a NORI Enquiry for the issuance of an IC. He requested the State Government to simplify the process and expedite NORI enquiry for IC applicants. The State Government's Home Department agreed to look into the possibility of simplifying the process and will issue a fresh notice to the concerned Superintendent of Police to expedite NORI enquiries.

The following day, Kalon Gyari Dolma met with Mr. Madan Golpal, I.A.S. Addl. Chief Secretary, and Mr. Sai Baba, Secretary of Forest Department. While referring to an earlier meeting held with them on February 10, 2015, Kalon requested for a Gazette notification order to be issued to ensure the Revenue Department gives an order, asking all concerned Deputy Commissioners of Mysore, Karwar and Chamrajnagar to start working on lease deeds with Tibetans. The Forest Department issued a Government Gazette order copy, which is the most significant official document of record issued on behalf of the Governor of Karnataka. Given its significance of the order, all state Government Departments is required to abide by the guidelines and policies enshrined in the Gazette order. Kalon Dolma Gyari was delighted with the issuance of this order and expressed her sincere gratitude to the Forest Department and the concerned officials who had worked on this order.

Later, Kalon Dolma Gyari met with Dr. Basavaraju, I.A.S. Principal Secretary, Revenue Department to discuss the policy. Dr. Basavaraju said that with the issuance of the Government Gazette notification order, all Deputy Commissioners can now accordingly work on the implementation of the Rehabilitation Policy.

Kalon also held a separate meeting with the Chief Representative (In Charge) and Settlement Officers at the Office of the Chief Representative and advised them to put serious effort in contributing effectively and efficiently to ensure the implementation of the Rehabilitation Policy. She advised the Settlement Officers to ensure the data and statistics of the settlements were updated and to coordinate with the District Deputy Commissioners of their jurisdiction to enter into lease deeds.

The Settlement Officers of Bylakuppe and Co-operative Societies sought Kalon's intervention with regard to a proposal that they had submitted to the Rural Development Department for the repair and reconstruction of two roads in Bylakuppe, with an estimated cost of Rs. 105 lakhs. The two roads include one leading up to Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and another leading to Sera Lachi Monastery as His Holiness the Dalai Lama is due to visit these monasteries in December 2015. She further spoke to the concerned Karnataka Government Department officials about the importance of repairing these roads and requested them to grant this on priority basis. The Private Secretary to the Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development agreed to look into this matter and do their best to sanction the grant.

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari with Karnataka Government officials discussing on the 2014 Rehabilitation Policy,
27 August 2015.

Chief Representative office coordinated all the meetings between the Karnataka Government officials and Kalon Gyari Dolma during her successful official visit to Bangalore. Kalon Gyari Dolma departed for Delhi from Bangalore yesterday.