All Steps to be Taken to Compensate Tibetan Farmers Affected by Drought in South India: Department of Home.

September 11, 2016

Mr Tsering Dorjee, Joint Secretary, Department of Home, CTA examining a corn field affected by drought.

DHARAMSHALA: The five major Tibetan settlements in South India have recently been hit by an unprecedented drought in the region, ravaging over 5,900 acres of standing crops in the five largest Tibetan communities.

Tibetan farmers in Bylakuppe, Hunsur, Kollegal and Mundgod settlements have been gripped by an extensive drought which caused a near-total loss of crops and brought hundreds of Tibetans families to the brink of an urgent economic crisis.

In an interview with, Acting Secretary, Mr Chemi Rigzin, Department of Home, lamented the severity of the crisis and assured that the department would take all necessary steps to provide compensation for the affected farmers and their family members.

“We are faced with the most severe case of crop failure ever recorded in Tibetan exile history. All the five major Tibetan settlements have been gripped by an unfortunate and severe drought this season. However, we have started issuing appeals to our foreign supporters, Offices of Tibet around the world and Tibetan settlements in India, Nepal and Bhutan for immediate relief assistance. We assure all the affected farmers that the department will do its best and all necessary steps would be taken to ensure compensation for the losses,” Mr Chemi Rigzin said.

The department is focussed on gathering relief and evolving a mechanism to disburse the compensations at the earliest, he added.

Farmers who have incurred losses of 50 per cent of crops or more would be compensated and eligible farmers would be compensated as per rules and regulations of the Disaster Relief Fund.

Mr Tsering Dorjee, Joint Secretary of Home department had earlier led a detailed survey to assess the gravity of loss in Kollegal, Bylakuppe and Hunsur settlements from 4 – 12 October 2016. A detailed survey in Mundgod Tibetan settlement was conducted by a local official.

The survey led by Mr Tsering Dorjee ascertained a complete report of losses incurred by each farmer in all the five affected settlements.

Kollegal Tibetan settlement, with the largest agricultural community, has suffered the biggest loss this season. Farmers in the region have incurred a combined crop loss to the tune of Rs 30,032,233.57, resulting in total crop loss for some.

Families in Mundgod Tibetan settlement has suffered 50 – 80 per cent loss, while Hunsur Tibetan farmers suffered 50 – 70 per cent loss, costing an approximate Rs 2,280,245.72

The near-total crop loss have resulted in a debilitating impact on the income and consumption of a large number of Tibetan families in these settlements. Many of them have taken huge loans from banks to cover their investments.

Drought-affected crops.

A corn field hit by drought.

More than 5900 acres of cultivated land have been ravaged by recent drought in South India.