Home Kalon Attends Inauguration of 16th Annual Conference of 15 Cooperative Societies.

September 9, 2016

Home Kalon addressing the inaugural session of the 16th Annual Conference of 15 Cooperative societies at Ravangla, Sikkim.

SIKKIM: Home Kalon Mr. Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang attended the inaugural function of 16th Annual Conference of 15 Cooperative Societies at Ravangla Kunphenling Tibetan settlement as the chief Gest on 7 September, 2016. Also present were former Home Kalon Kasur Dolma Gyari as advisor to the Federation of Tibetan Cooperatives in India (FTCI), Mr. Pema Delek, Chairman of FTCI and Member of Tibetan Parliament, Shri Pema Dorjee (DRCS) Ravangla and Shri C.K. Rai (ARCS) Ravangla.

Mr. Tenzin Yega, CEO of FTCI welcomed the dignitaries and gave a brief introduction and the present status of FTCI. Followed by Mr. Pema Delek, Chariman of FTCI spoke on the development in FTCI and on the future projects. He said that there is a positive trend with regard to participation from the general public towards cooperative initiatives in respective settlements, more number of youngsters are coming up through election in the board members and showing active part, deliberating on how to bring various improvements in their respective settlements and benefit of share members and general public. He thanked Kasur Dolma Gyari for accepting the request of FTCI to be the advisor. Its an immense source of encouragement and opportunity for the FTCI as their advisor, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Kasur Dolma Gyari said that she is happy to accept the role as advisor and contribute to the society through FTCI which is directly linked with the welfare of the general public. She outlined that during the initial difficult times when settlements were first established the cooperatives played a major role in the development of the settlements.

Home Kalon Mr. Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang spoke on the importance of such an organisation such as the FTCI and the 15 Cooperatives in the respective Tibetan settlements, outlining the initial aims and objective, the role it plays in making settlement self reliant.

He lauded the efforts of the FTCI in catering to the growing needs of the Tibetan community and urged for further development. He stressed on the need for effective management and administration following the rules and regulations of the cooperative society, host nation and of the Central Tibetan Administration.

In this regard, training and workshops should be provided to the concerned members. He emphasised the importance of accountability in realising the goal and in making the cooperatives successful.

He also suggested public involvement in the business to take it forward to another level. He also spoke on the 15th Kashag’s five-fifty strategy and on the The Rehabilitation Policy 2014 and its implementation. The cooperatives need to avail benefits from the Central as well as from the respective state government under this policy.

He assured that now with the Kasur Dolma Gyari as advisor, there will be better coordination and cooperation between the Central Tibetan Administration and FTCI. The Department of Home, CTA will render all the possible assistance. Our united coordination will strengthen, sustain and make the cooperatives successful, thereby making settlements viable and sustainable.

Over 40 executives of Tibetan co-operativess including Chairman and Secretaries of 15 co-operatives, managers and staff of FTCI attended the function.

Participants at the 16th Annual Conference of 15 Tibetan Cooperatives.

Group photo of the 15 Tibetan Cooperative's 16th Annual Conference.

Organised by FTCI and coordinated by Ravangla Co-operative Society, the conference primarily discuss on subjects relating to revival of existing business units, starting new innovative project in future; concerted efforts to secure financial support and assistance from the respective state government for benefit of share members and general public and other agendas.

The cooperative societies of Tibetan settlements are nothing less than a back bone to Tibetan government in exile, for they carry forward the responsibilities to benefit its share members and bring various improvements in their respective settlement.

During the conference, 15 co-operatives present their annual report and financial statement, followed by question and answer session. Also, review on implementation of resolutions passed in the previous meeting is done.

On the following day, conference participants discuss on agendas in group and submit their report and subsequently resolutions are passed for implementation.