Home Kalon Attends Simhastha Kumbh at Ujjain.

May 10, 2016

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari at the Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) program as the Guest of Honour and Speaker during the "Simhastha Kumbh" at Ujjain

DHARAMSHALA: At the invitation from Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS), Home Kalon Dolma Gyari attended the "Simhastha Kumbh" at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh as a guest of honour and speaker on 8 May 2016.

First, A Rashtra-Kalash-Shobha Yatra was organised at 7 am. The Yatra wherein hundreds of women participated in the patriotic march.

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari and Shri. Indresh Kumar with other Women participants.

A grand Rashtra-Raksha-Mahayagya (fire puja) was held for Strong-Prosperous and security of India and also for world peace.

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari with senior RSS leader Shri. Indresh Kumar at Grand Rashtra-Raksha-Mahayagya (Fire Puja).

Finally, a World Conference was held, wherein the theme was 'Strong-Prosperous Bharat, Violence Free-Disparity Free World'.

Shri Indresh ji presided over the conference, while important delegates from other countries along with important leaders, officials and dignitaries participated in the conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Home Kalon extended her greetings on behalf of all the Tibetans. She said that it was a historic day and lauded Shri Indresh Ji's leadership in organising the Mahayagya (fire puja). She further said that the Mahayagya was performed according to Hindu vedic tradition and being a Buddhist herself, she considered it as special, as it coincides with the sacred fourth month in the Tibetan lunar calendar (the month in which Lord Buddha took birth, achieved enlightenment and passed away).

Kalon also gave an introduction about Tibet. "Every one knows mount Kailash so Tibet is where mount Kailash is, where Shiv Ji Mahakal resides. India and Tibet shares century old relations spiritually and geographically," she said.

Speaking on achieving national security for India, she summed up in three simple terms: Unity - she lauded Shri Indresh ji efforts to bring all sections of the society together, the Mahayagya was participated by members from Sikh, Buddhist and Sufi Saints community; Patriotism - she remarked that every Indian must have sense of ownership for one's country and shoulder responsibility to take care of their motherland; Lastly she emphasised that Tibet's freedom is India's Security.

In the concluding remarks she requested each and every one at the event, to uphold and work towards a better future for this great nation and for a peaceful world. She thanked the organisers, Swami Chidanand Saraswati ji Maharaj and especially Shri Indresh Ji for the guidance on Mahayagya.