Home Kalon Concludes Successful 3-Day Visit to Karnataka.

March 16, 2016

BANGALORE, May 16, 2016: Home Kalon Gyari Dolma concluded a successful three-day visit to Bangalore, during which she met with Tibetan leaders in south India and key personnel from the state government to deliberate on the implementation of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy in Karnataka.

Home Kalon Dolma Gyari being felicitated by the Tibetan community in South India for her outstanding contribution, dedication, leadership and unparalleled service and commitment at Bangalore, on 13 May 2016..

On May 10, the Home Kalon held meetings with the representative of the five Tibetan settlements in south India to discuss and follow up on the implementation of the Karnataka Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy. She also met with the President of the five Tibetan co-operative societies to discuss various issues.

Subsequently, the Home Kalon met with Mr. Arvind Jadhav, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka, and requested that he direct the concerned Revenue Department and the Deputy Commissioner of Mysore, Karwar and Chamarajnagar District to formally enter into land lease agreements between the Govt. of Karnataka and the Central Tibetan Relief Committee. During the meeting with Mr. Jadhav, the Home Kalon also raised the issue relating to RTC of the Kollegal Tibetan settlement and requested for a grant of Rs. 30 lakhs from the state government to construct a new internal link road to Gaden TriThog Khang in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement.

Representatives of the five Tibetan Co-operative Societies, Local Tibetan Assembly, Tibetan Freedom Movement,
heads of various Monasteries, Camp Leaders and various Non-Governmental Organizations of the Tibetan
Community in Karnataka state at the felicitation ceremony.

On the evening of May 13, the Tibetan community in Karnataka, South India organized a felicitation ceremony to honor the Home Kalon for her outstanding contribution, dedication, leadership and unparalleled service and commitment to the Tibetan community in exile. The ceremony was organized by the five Tibetan co-operative societies, local Tibetan assembly, Tibetan freedom movement, heads of various monasteries, camp leaders and various non-governmental organizations of the Tibetan community in Karnataka state. The Chief Representative and the five Representatives of the Tibetan settlements were the guests of honor at the ceremony.

Home Kalon departed for Dharamshala on Saturday, May 14.