Home Kalon Chairs Five Southern Tibetan Settlement Officers meeting.

Home Kalon Chairs Five Southern Tibetan Settlement Officers meeting.

Aug 24, 2017

Home Kalon chairs 5 Southern Tibetan Settlement Officers Meeting
Home Kalon Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang, CTA chaired a meeting with the five southern Tibetan settlement officers along with Home Secretary Chhimey Rigzen, Department of Home and the Chief Representative Officer, Bangalore at Doeguling Tibetan Settlement. Photo/Department of Home

MUNDGOD - As scheduled, on 21 August, Home Kalon Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang, CTA chaired a meeting with the five southern Tibetan settlement officers along with the Chief Representative Officer (CRO), Bangalore at Doeguling Tibetan Settlement. Also present in the meeting were Chhimey Rigzen, Secretary, Department of Home, CTA.

Choephel Thupten, the Chief Representative Officer, South Zone Bangalore, on behalf of the settlement officers accorded warm welcome to Home kalon and Home Secretary, expressing appreciation for the generous presence of Kalon at the meeting.

The CRO apprised on the minutes of the proceedings of the settlement officers meeting held on 14 July at office of the Chief Representative Bangalore in pursuant to the discussion on issues ranging on the implementation & the complication on some of the clause of Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014 with that of Kashag’s guideline on the Housing & Estate Rules and Regulations.

Kalon Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang mentioned that although he was on official visit to preside over the Workshop & Tractor section meeting at Mundgod, he wanted to have a brief meeting with the southern Tibetan settlement officers and the Chief Representative, South Zone Bangalore.

Stressing on the yesterday’s session deliberations on the importance to revive the tractor section and its workshops; also with His Holiness the Dalai Lama repeatedly expressing his deep concern over the declining trends of Workshop Tractor section; Kalon said that it was time to put more efforts than ever before to turn this section into functional and efficient one.

To this end, open discussion and debate were held to find innovative and unexplored ways. Based on the innovative ideas put in by the participants of the meeting, it was hoped to draw up an action plan, he said. He further expressed his happiness that that meeting had benefited the participants to great extent.

He added that besides realising the purpose of their participation in the discussion and deliberation, the settlement officers with strong sense of responsibility, must regard it as equally important. They should not hesitate to be critical of any lapses and mistakes in their endeavours towards the development of their settlement.

“Everyone concerned must commit themselves to put their best foot forward in keeping up with the changing need of the people by upgrading the facilities during their tenure. On top of that, we must not fail to follow the existing programme to invite professional expert from time to time for assessment for further development of the section,” the Kalon remarked.

Thereafter, the Chief Representative Officer brought up the impending matters for discussion and finally resolved the issues. Likewise, the settlement officers were requested to expedite the follow up on the application including submission of the list of the people to the respective DC office without any delay for obtaining RTC. They were also told to shoulder greater responsibility and concern towards the development of the settlement and think of ways to raise fund for the developments. With this, the CRO proposed the vote of thanks and the brief meeting came to an end.

After lunch, Kalon visited some of the farmer’s field, spoke the progressive farmers and inspected their field. Kalon was accompanied by Chhimey Rigzen, Secretary, Department of Home, CTA Chomphel Thupten, South zone Chief Representative, Dhondup Tsering, Deputy Secretary, DOH including five South Settlement officers and the Office Secretary.

Home Kalon inaugurating the new office building of Mundgod Yibetan Settlement.
Home Kalon and Secretary visits Tibetan Farmers and inspected their fields. Photo/Department of Home