Home Kalon Visits Tibetan Settlements in Dehradun.

Home Kalon Visits Tibetan Settlements in Dehradun.

26 Jun, 2017

Kalon Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang, Department of Home, CTA addressing his speech to the Dehradun Tibetan community leaders and heads of NGOs based in Dehradun.

DEHRADUN: Kalon Mr. Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang of Department of Home, CTA visited Dehradun Tibetan settlement from 21 – 24 June 2017.

The prime purpose of his visit program is to conduct project site inspection and discuss on the implementation of two important projects i.e. the rehabilitation of 116 family housing project and the construction of multipurpose shopping complex by Tibetan Chamber of commerce at Dekyiling Tibetan settlement.

On his arrival at Dehradun city, he was received by the Settlement Officer, Chairman of the local Tibetan assembly and manager of Tibetan women centre. At the Rajpur Tibetan Homes Guest house arrival gate, community leaders and heads of NGOs accorded a warm welcome reception with traditional Tibetan scarves.

On 22 June, at 10 am; Kalon addressed the Dehradun Tibetan community leaders and heads of NGOs. Kalon informed that the 116 housing project has been pending for long time. He said the delay in starting the project was due to certain circumstances such as procedures, rules and regulations which are needed to be followed for a construction project.

“The good news is that, to our repeated representation, appeals and meetings with the central and state government, recently the state government has waived the development charges; now with certain approvals left, the project is ready to start,” he said.

As part of Kashag’s commitment towards sustenance of the settlements and making settlements viable, the Kashag has initiated the five fifty strategy; under which the USAID project ISDP (Integrated Settlement Development plan) works towards it.

“I am delighted to share with you all that in the year 2017 ISDP project, from the Northern Tibetan settlements, Dikyiling Tibetan settlement has been selected amongst five other settlements namely Kollegal Dhondenling from south, Mainpat Phendeling from central, Tezu Dhargayling from northeast and one settlement from Nepal,” said Kalon.

Two staffs from Department of Home are visiting the selected settlements and will help the community mobilisers with the project proposal, he further added.

The other important project is the Work Force Information System (WFIS) database; the project will cover the overall demographics of Tibetans living in India and Nepal and it will be maintained in a standardized information with key characteristics of the Tibetan workforce including current employment status, age, gender, academic and professional qualifications and career aspirations, informed Kalon.

Speaking on the poverty elevation, Kalon said, “Though CTA looks after their welfare but the community too should shoulder collective responsibility. He encouraged Tibetans to come up and ask what they can do for our community and CTA, through our collective efforts we can elevate poverty in Tibetan community.

He cited example of Marwardis who help their fellow marwardis to help elevate poverty and teach them skills and trading techniques to make progress; similarly Tibetan community should come together for our common cause.

Emphasizing on the need to follow the laws of the land with regard to the PAP (protected area permit), inner line permits, RC renewal, Kalon urged the Tibetans to seek the necessary approvals timely and avoid unnecessary trouble.

“Since, the settlement officer is the representative of the Central Tibetan Administration I request the community leaders and heads of NGO’s to render support and work united to fullfil the aspiration of the people,” Kalon said,

On 23 June, Kalon visited the Dehradun Tibet Homes Foundation including the retired staff quarters and met an ailing elderly staff. Later, he visited the settlement office and held meeting with the settlement officer.

Home Kalon visiting the Tibetan Glass Bead Design Factory by Exile Creation at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement.

He also met with the president of Tibetan Chamber of commerce Mr. Tsering Dorjee and discussed on the construction project. On 24 June, Kalon left for Dharamsala from Dehradun.