Religious harmony is India’s treasure, says Dalai Lama.

December 26, 2017

The Hindu, 25 December 2017

‘We really need to develop a sense of global responsibility’

India’s treasure is that all major religious traditions co-exist in harmony, said the 14th Dalai Lama on Sunday while delivering the silver jubilee lecture on “education for wisdom and compassion to rebuild nation” in the city. The lecture was organised by the Seshadripuram Educational Trust, whose four institutions are celebrating their silver jubilee.

Batting for religious harmony, the Nobel laureate said, “There are different spiritual traditions whose philosophies are also different, but all of them carry the same message of love. All religions teach us the practice of tolerance and have the same potential of bringing inner peace.” He stressed the need to get rid of conflict in the name of religion.

The Dalai Lama also called upon people to acknowledge each other as brothers and sisters and develop a sense of oneness with others. “In today’s world, with global warming and increasing population, an individual’s future depends on the rest of the world. We have to develop a concern for other human beings without being self-centred or short-sighted. We need a sense of global responsibility,” he said.

Ancient knowledge

He also spoke about the relevance of ancient Indian knowledge in modern times. “Modern education must include, at least as a subject, the study of ancient Indian knowledge. That way, ancient Indian knowledge can be revived. Human nature is more compassionate... there is a real possibility of creating a peaceful individual, family, community and world,” he said.

A.S. Kiran Kumar, chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation, said while technology has made the world smaller, there is much strife and difficulties that need reconciliation for humans to live in harmony. “While scientists have taken up exo-planet studies, life on Earth has become stressful. Knowledge and spiritual process can alone guide us to survive peacefully,” he said.