From Cement to Concrete: DIIR Releases a Film on CTA's Development Project.

December 23, 2017

The Five storey T-building being constructed at the main square of Gangchen Kyishong.

DHARAMSHALA: Tibet TV of Department of Information and International Relations, CTA today published a 7 minute film tilted, 'From Cement to Concrete, CTA's development project.' Watch here.

The film captures the current development underway in Gangchen Kyishong.

Speaking exclusively to Tibet TV, President Dr Lobsang Sangay explained that the project falls under the framework of CTA's Five Fifty Vision.

"When people visit Dharamshala, the major attractions are His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Main Temple, Norbulingkha and the Library of Tibetan Works and Archive and the Tibetans who live amidst Indian villages.

So Five-Fifty vision of CTA also seek to make Gangchen Kyishong into 'Little Tibet'and to achieving that change the architectural designs of CTA offices into Tibetan designs."

The five-storey building being constructed at the main square of Gangchen Kyishong consists of seven offices including the Tibet Policy Institute, a conference hall for 600 people and most importantly, the National Museum of Tibet.

"Since last few years, there has been a lot of construction happening at Gangchen Kyishong. Normally the office space at CTA is very congested; therefore a huge T-building is being constructed at the main square of Gangchen Kyishong," said Secretary of Home department, Chemi Rigzin.

Speaking on the new National Museum, President Dr Lobsang Sangay said that it will serve to sensitize the outsiders about how Tibet lost its independence and the current situation inside Tibet.

"Now with National Museum of Tibet that is coming up, it will sensitize the outsiders about how Tibet lost its independence and the current situation inside Tibet. With improved awareness, it will lead to greater support from the international community for the Tibetan cause,"the President said.

The film also captures a series of ambitious renovation project launched by the CTA that would provide a dramatic upgrade for office spaces.

According to Director of Tibet TV, Namgyal Tsewang, the top floor of the DIIR building will be demolished and an integrated media bureau of CTA in various languages will come in place with a state of art studio and latest equipment and standard media practices.

Dhardon Sharling, Secretary Equivalent of the Department of Information and International Relations said, "The Department of Information and International Relations is the face of CTA. And as such the work consists of disseminating information and international advocacy. More than 70% of the workforce are young and is important to make the office conditions in sync with modern offices. And hence, the entire four-storeyed building is with a long-term vision."

Behind DIIR building, a 28 staff quarters are being built. Phuntsok khang staff quarter right beside finance department has been demolished and in its place, a new building is being built. The ground floor will be the office for Finance department and top three floors will have 22 staff quarters.

Other features of renovation include new park, smooth roads and a well-accommodating parking space at the main square of Gangchne Kyishong.

"We hope to successfully complete the building in 2018 when His Holiness the Dalai Lama turns 83," Dhardon Sharling said.

CTA President concludes by saying, "We hope to complete the entire construction in 2018 next year and when the Tibetan supporters visit here post the construction work, we hope they will like the new 'Little Tibet' look of CTA."