Administrative Division:

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I: General Administration & Settlement Coordinator section

Its main function is to constantly keep close relationship with all the Settlements Officers/Acting Officers regarding their problems and success of the projects implemented. Collecting project proposals and applying for funds to Planning & Development section for finding funds to those approved. To keep update track of the status of Settlement Officers and Office Secretaries and arrange new Settlement Officers OR Office Secretaries where there is need. To arrange and provide witness during the handing and taking over of outgoing and incoming Settlement Officers. To collect fiscal year's budgets and also interim budgets requested by the settlements officers.

II: Account section

This section is responsible for preparing fiscal year's budget of the Department as well as all the Settlement Offices under it. They also keep all the account records of the transactions carried between the Department and the settlement offices. They report the financial status to the secretary and Kalons and seek their permission to use the fund available through proper channel.

III: Internal Audit section

Their main function is to work as per Audit Report - clearing of all the irregularities, fund pending funds and financial irregularities of all the Tibetan Settlements in India, Bhutan and Nepal and provide possible guidance as per the Rules & Regulations laid down by Kashag and the Tibetan Parliament in Exile.

IV: Plannning & Development section

Their responsibilities includes planning of projects, collecting new project proposals, checking the viability and sustainability of projects proposed, implementation of the ongoing projects, finding funds for the projects proposed by different Settlement Offices, getting projects approval from the Planning Officers, Supervision & Monitoring of the projects and preparing project completion reports to the Donors.

V: Housing & Estate (CTA) section

Their responsibility is to maintain the CTA Housings, providing rooms to the local Tibetan Parliament members during their Parliament in Session. Providing rooms to the CTA Staffs.