C T R C / D o H o m e ' s   P H O T O   G A L L E R Y
The 6th CTRC General
Body Meeting
The 8th CTRC General
Body Meeting
The 9th Agriculture
Settlement Meeting
The 9th CTRC General
Body Meeting
2014 Dasa Tibetan Women's
Basketball Tournament
NCA Coordinator
Ms Krishani Kumarasinghe's
visit to ISTL Nelamangala
Opening Ceremony of PRM's
Language & Skill training
for Newly Arrived Tibetans
TCF Chief Mr. Steve Kellia's
(Autralia) visit to Department
of Home
Various Skill Trainings
being provided by YES at
ISTL Nelamangal, Bengaluru
Israeli Agriculture
Training Opportunity
11th Tibetan Settlement
Officers Meeting-cum-Workshop
Home Kalon & Secretary's Official Visit to Settlements in South India from 18th-24th Aug, 2017