Dhondupling Tibetan Refugee Settlement, Clementown

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The Entrance Gate to Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation
(Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement), Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand

A group of Tibetan Refugees formed a dance and drama troupe in 1960, which toured india to raise funds for their eventual settlement. In the meantime, the seventy members troupe had temporarily settled at Rajpur, near Dehradun, receiving assistance from Government of india. Later, in 1964 Dhondupling Tibetan settlement was established on an area of 110 acres. Acharya Vinoba Bhave donated the settlement land. Dhondupling is more of a craft community than a land based settlement.

Settlement Location:

This settlement is situated at a distance of 10 Kms for Dehra-Dun town. it is located at Utteranchal of Dehra Dun district, india. The altitude of place is about 2730 ft. above sea level with an average temperature of 25.43 degrees Centigrade. The average rainfall of the place is around 2200 MM.

Settlement Population:

Initial population 200
Present Population 1823

Settler's Livelihood:

The settlers are engaged in small trading, restaurants, shopkeeing, and seasonal sweater selling etc.

Facilities in the settlement:

School One higher secondary boarding school upto class +2 std.
Health facilities One modern allopathic dispensary
Branch of Tibetan traditional medical center
Monastery There are three monastery:

1) Tashikyil Monastery
2) Kargyue Monastery
3) Nyingma Monastery
Carpet Center one

Traveling Mode:

Nearest Railways station Dehradun Railways station 10 Km from settlement
Nearest Airport Chandigarh  
Bus and taxi services   Available

Contact Address:

Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation
Tibetan Colony
P.O. Clement Town - 248002
Distt. Dehraun

Tel: 0135-2640901/2641373
Fax: 0135 ----------------

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