Gapa Tibetan Society, Kumrao

A brief story on Gapa Tibetan Society, Kumrao


Tibetan Taopan Gapa Welfare Society, Kumrao was established in 1965 on a total land of 56 Biga and with initial population of 469 settlers.

Settlement Location

This settlement is situated at a distance of 3 Kms from Kamrao Revenue village. The nearest town is Paonta Sahib. The altitude of the settlement 2000 feet above sea level and average temperature at the settlement is 10 to 40 centigrade.

Settlement Population

Initial population 400
Present Population 368

No of Villages in the settlement

This settlement consist of only one village with 45 family.

Settler's Livelihood

The main source of livelihood is quarrying of limestone and petty business. Besides this they also have a handicraft Centre which was started later.

Facilities in the settlement

School 1 days school up to class V.
1 Creche and Nursery
Health facilities 1 modern allopathic hospital
Monastery 1 Sakya Tse-chen Samdupling Monastery
Old People's Home no OPH

Administrative setup

Tibetan settlement Officer at Kamrao is the representative office of Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration. It is serving as the liaison between the Tibetans in the region and the Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration. It is the principle office to look after welfare and overall control of running of affairs of the Tibetans in the settlement. Daily task for the representative range from adjudicating disputes to communicating with group leaders and outside authorities, and generally watching over the running of all aspects of the settlement.

Local Assembles:- 

Like every other genuine democratic system the Tibetans in Kamrao elect their own assembles for better understanding of the problems with them. These elected members act as an intermediary with relevant authorities, pass on information, settle disputes and collect money.They can bring up the problems of the Tibetan people and  raise the question on the working of the Tibetan settlement Officer. These members are elected on the basis of their strength of personality and once ability to stand before the interest of their people.

Traveling Guide

Nearest Railway station Dehradun  
Nearest Air port Chandigarh  
Bus and Taxi services Yes  

Contact Address

Tibetan Taopan Welfare Society
District Sirmour
HP - India

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