Youth Empowerment Support

1. Trainees at Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Selaqui, Dehradun
2. Trainees at Industrial Training Institue (ITI) Selaqui, Dehradun
3. Trainees at Industrial Training Insittute (ITI) Sleaqui, Dehradun
Beautuican and Hairdressing Training at ISTL- 20-05-2013
Group Photo of Home Kalon and Home Secretary with Jawed Habib - 03-06-2013
Group photo with Home Kalon and Home Secretary - ISTL - 21-05-2013
Home Kalon Gayri Dolma''s Visit to ISTL - 20-06-2013
Home Kalon Gyari Dolma with Jawed Habib - 03-06-2013
YES section head Kunchok Dhondup's visit to ISTL - 20-05-2013
Computer Instructor Tsering Choezom in class
Computer Instructor Tsering Choezom in discssion with students
Computer Instructor Tsering Choezom teaching photoshop
Counseling class in TCC Mcleod Ganj
Hairdressing Teacher Tashi Samdup with students
Hairdressing Teacher Tashi Samdup with students2
Motivational program at Hairdressing class
Motivational program at TCC Mcleod Ganj

The main aim of this section is to provide SKILLS TRAINING and MICRO-CREDIT loan to our unemployed youths so as to make them stand on their own feet and reduce the employability problem in our society.


(A) ITI SKILLS TRAINING » ན་གཞོན་རོགས་སྐྱོར་ལས་རིགས་སྦྱོང་བརྡར་ལས་གཞི།


Every-year, the Department of Home selects a batch of Tibetan youth who are seriously interested in pursuing long term skill training course at TCV administered Tibetan Private Industrial Training Institute (ITI) based in Selakui, Dehradun.

The institute offers Secretarial practice, food production general, bakery and confectionery, food & beverage, spa therapy, basic cosmetology, wire-man, mechanic motor vehicle and carpenter/ technical allied.

The Department of Home will announce the training program opportunity through the settlement offices, official news channel and media. The application will be scrutinized and selection will be done.

The internship, placement, food and hostel facility are also provided.

1 Secretarial Practice 12th PASS 18 Month
2 Food Production General 10th PASS 20 Month
3 Baker & Confectioner 10th PASS 20 Month
4 Food & Beverage 10th PASS 20 Month
5 SPA Therapy 12th PASS 18 Month
6 Basic Cosmetology 10th PASS 18 Month
7 Wire-Man 8th PASS 27 Month
8 Mechanic Motor Vehicle 10th PASS 27 Month
9 Carpenter/Technical Allied 8th PASS 27 Month

S.No. Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Selaqui ⇓
1 ITI Training Guidelines (Tib.) 2 pgs.
2 ITI Application Form (Eng.) 1 pg.
3 ITI Letter of Undertaking (Tib.) 1 pg.
4 DoH Letter of Undertaking (Tib.) 1 pg.
5 Fee Structure (Tib.) 1 pg.
6 Training Course Details (Eng.) 5 pgs.

a) Tibetan Career Center (TCC): མདུན་ལམ་སློབ་སྟོན་དང་ལས་འཚོལ་ལས་གཞི།


The Organization Structure of TCC Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala – H.P. India

Current Staffs of Tibetan Career Centre (TCC), Mcleod Ganj:

Jampel Sonam Tsering Choezom Tasam
Ms. Jigme Lhamo Mr. Jampel Sonam Ms. Tsering Choezom Mr. Tashi Samdup Mr. Topgyal
Career Counselor-
cum-Placement Officer
Tibetan Career Centre,
Old Reception Center,
Jogiwara Road.,
P.O. Mcleod Ganj – 176219,
Dharamshala, Distt. Kangra,
Himachal Pradesh


Tibetan Career Center (TCC) is located at Mcleod Ganj,where the following trainings are being provided:

  1. Career Awareness Program (CAP): An individual and group counseling is provided to Tibetan youth (school/college dropouts, unemployed) on a daily basis at the center. In addition, parental counseling is also provided to the parents on how to nurture and support their kids. Head consultant and counsellor also visits more than 15 Tibetan settlement every year to create awareness about the career, opportunities, and vocational training institutes and also provides counselling as and when required. The TCC also disseminates information about the various job opportunities and vocational training opportunities available in our community.
  2. Counselling program: Counselling program is designed to provide counselling support to Tibetan youth especially those unemployed. TCC also attends counselling queries and provides counselling support to the Tibetan youth virtually by phone calls, emails, or through social media. In-person counselling support is also provided at the center itself.
  3. Placement support: A college graduate can approach TCC for any job related help and assistance. TCC also provides placement support to those young people looking for job by matching their skill with the potential employer.
  4. The 4-month introductory Jawed Habib certified hairdressing-training program is part of a larger initiative of the Tibetan Career Center to reduce unemployment among young Tibetans in exile. The certification is done under the Jawed Habib Foundations.
  5. The center provides following computer training programs to the youth under the certification of institute for advanced computer technology (IACT):


  • Basic Computer Course; (BCC)
  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • In-Design;
  • Photoshop.

6. Mentoring as an essential part of professional growth and development is considered to be lacking in the community. Unlike counseling and consultation that focuses on an immediate assistance, the mentoring program is designed to provide a hand-holding guidance & continued support to the selective group of people either from TCC trainees or from any other industrial training or vocational training center right from the beginning of their career until they advance in their profession.

  1. Youth Motivational Program: The youth motivational talk (YMT) is designed to expose Tibetan youth to different conventional and unconventional professions where the resource person shares a story of his/her experience, life struggle and journey. The theme of YMT program is “Sharing stories and multiplying hopes” as it seeks to inspire and motivate the youth to pursue their dream.
  2. Employability Skill Development (ESD): Employability Skill Development seeks to develop and enhance the employable skill of the Tibetan youth though organizing short terms training and workshop on resume writing, cover letter, communication skill, presentation skill, ethics, non-violent communication, interview skill, conflict resolution, leadership development, and various other soft skill.
  3. Accounting Tally Program: Tibetan students with the educational background in commerce can also pursue one-month Tally (accounting) Course and this course will be useful to those aspiring to become accountant or finance officer. The selection for this tally course will solely be based on whether the applicant is aspiring to become an accountant/ finance officer or has a commerce background. This employability skill training will increase their job competitiveness in the market and increase their efficiency at the workplace
  4. Photography training: TCC also provides a one month photography course by inviting a professional photographer as a trainer. The photography course is also amongst one of the highly demanded and inquired courses at the center. The photography course will enable the interested youth to learn about the photography skill to pursue their interest. This course generally aims to engage youth in a fruitful way and will also be beneficial to those interested in opening a photo studio and taking job as a freelancer photographer. The photography training will be scheduled twice a year and includes both theory and excursions in order to provide understanding of the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. At the end of the program, the best photo will be selected and felicitated after a competition among the trainees is held.
  5. Youth Empowerment Workshop: Youth Empowerment Workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to youth especially unemployed to develop a life plan and career choice. The participant will receive the training on life fundamentals & priorities, career options, goal setting, self-discovery, finding direction, problem management, decision making, motivational session and etc. At the end of the training program, all the participants will be closely guided and mentored to develop an individual & customized life plan. The trainer and resource person are invited and a series of motivational talk are also arranged. The career assessment will also be conducted.

b) Skill Training Scholarship (STS): ལས་རིགས་སྦྱོར་བརྡར་སློབ་ཡོན་ལས་གཞི།


The Department of Home has formulated a skill training scholarship guidelines and this particular program is implemented as per the guideline. The skill training scholarship aims to make Tibetan youth a self-reliant by providing financial support to the youth to pursue skill training program.

YES skill training scholarship provides an opportunity to the interested youth to choose his/her preferred training course at anywhere in India. Tibetan youth from India, Nepal and Bhutan can apply for this opportunity through their respective settlement office.

The following are a few of the important highlight of this scholarship program:

  • The applicant can choose his/her preferred training course at anywhere in India.
  • There is no qualification bar on putting up the application.
  • The age bar is 18-45.
  • The applicants has to look for and get admitted into any training institute in India by themselves.
  • The preferred course and their eligibilities should not correspond to the one offered through our existing training program.
  • The applicant can get a scholarship up to INR 90,000/-

The skill training program the detailed scholarship guideline is circulated to the settlement office at the time of the announcement.

Skill Training Scholarship:
S.No. Skill Training Scholarship Forms ⇓ Skills Training Scholarship Guidelines ⇓
1 Skill Training Scholarship Form “KA” (Tib.) 1 pg. Scholarship Guidelines (Tib.) 4 pgs.
2 Skill Training Scholarship Form “KHA” (Eng.) 1 pg. Details of Fees Applicable (Tib.) 2pgs

c) Youth Ambassador Award (YAA): ན་གཞོན་རོགས་སྐྱོར་གཟེངས་རྟག་ལས་གཞི།


The first ever workforce development meeting, where 19 representative from 16 different institution based in 9 different location in India and one in Nepal convened from 11th to 12th May 2018, recommended need to have a separate program to recognize the exemplary youth who have dropped out from school and university and currently engaged in self-employment or employment after completing skill training course from any of the vocational training institutes.

The Youth Ambassador Award is designed to recognize those youth who have successfully become a self-reliant after pursing skill training and it also encourage the youth to become self-reliant through vocational education.

Every year, the Department of Home will award two individual who have not only become self-reliant but also contributing to the overall growth of the community and whose story can encourage and motivate other youth to follow the suit.

The announcement will be made through the settlement office and other official channels. The applicant shortlisted by each settlement will be scrutinized at the head office and will be selected accordingly. The award will be presented at the official function of CTA to celebrate Tibetan Democracy Day on 2nd September, in Dharamshala.

This program is implemented as per the Youth Ambassador Award guidelines formulated by Kashag.

d) Other Programmes:

Apart from the above major programs, Youth Empowerment Support (YES) section of Department of Home, implements few other program like motor driving training, capacity building program for representatives of the training institutes, marketing & awareness program, publication and production related program and few other program at Dharamsala and in the settlement around India, Nepal and Bhutan.

(B) MICRO-CREDIT » ན་གཞོན་རོགས་སྐྱོར་སྐྱེད་ཆུང་བུན་གཏོང་ལས་གཞི།


Aim: The aim is to provide working capital to the unemployed and potential Tibetan youth to start their own Micro enterprises to earn livelihood and to make them self-reliant.

Priorities are given to those who have undergone skill training and looking forward to setting up the same enterprise within their own settlement or around the settlement.

Announcement:  Youth Empowerment Support (YES) section of the Department of Home (DoH), Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) announce this program through the settlement offices every year. The interested can contact the nearest settlement office and submit the application through them.

Micro Credit amount: The micro credit loan program is implemented as per the guidelines formulated by the Kashag (Cabinet). The ceiling for the micro-credit is set at

  • ₹ 100,000/- for an individual enterprise,
  • ₹ 300,000/- for a partnership of 2 or more than 2 people, and
  • ₹ 500,000/- for a group of 3 or more than 3 people.

Duration: The loan duration is up to 3 years and can be extended to 5 years depending on the nature of the business.

Age: The age limit is 18-50.

S.No. Micro-credit ⇓
1 Application Form “KA” (Eng.) 2 pgs.
2 Surety Bonds “KHA” (Eng.) 3 pgs.
3 Promissory Note “GA” (Eng.) 1 pg.
4 Tsokchung Recommendation “NGA” (Tib.) 1 pg.

 Y E S    R E V O L V I N G    L O A N    S T A T U S

Settlement Loan Amount
Cleared Clearing Defaulter TOTAL
Dickyi Larsoe, Bylakuppe, (K.S.) 3,238,349.00 20 5 25
Dekyiling, Uttrakhand (U.K.) 300,000.00 3 3
Dharamsala, Distt. Kangara, (H.P.) 305,000.00 3 1 4
Dhondenling, Kollegal, (K.S.) 2,212,238.36 16 7 23
Doeguling, Mundgod, (K.S.) 1,857,965.48 20 1 21
Kunphenling, Ravangla, (Sikkim) 100,000.00 1 1
Lugsung Samdupling, B’kuppe, (K.S.) 2,646,227.00 10 8 18
Choephelling, Miao, (A.P.) 99,000.00 1 1
Norgyeling, Bandhara, (Maharashtra) 790,400.00 7 7
Paonta Choelsum, Paonta Sahib, (H.P.) 100,000.00 1 1
Phendeling, Mainpat, (Chattisgarh) 2,300,000.00 18 3 21
Phuntsokling, Gajapati, (Odisha) 3,603,000.00 30 30
Sakya Tibetan Society, Puruwala, (H.P.) 156,510.00 2 2
Rabgyeling, Hunsur, (K.S.) 1,163,751.12 10 1 11
Sonamling, Ladakh, (J & K) 11,300,000.00 79 33 112
Kumrao, (Himachal Pradesh) 1,100,000.00 8 8
TOTAL 31,272,440.96 218 70 0 * 288
Individuals  > 204
Group in 2s x 21  > 42 Indiv
Group in 3s x 14  > 42 Indiv. * 288
* Number of Individual beneficiaries

As of 31-Mar-2020