Kunphenling, Ravangla

Settlement Profile

Kunphenling Tibetan settlement was established in 1978. The Ministry of Home and Rehabilitation of the Government of India provided the necessary assistance to rehabilitate 1000 Tibetan refugees in the developing area in south Sikkim. A total of 600 acre of land has been sanctioned for the settlement, of which 300 acres were initially given to the settlement.

Location of the settlement

This settlement is situated at Ravangla 66 Km from Namchi Dzong, South Sikkim.

Settlement Population

Initial population
Present population

Altitude, Temperature and Rainfall

The altitude of the settlement is 2134 meters above sea level with an average temperature of 20.43° Centigrade.

Livelihood of the Settlers

Most of the original families have a small piece of agricultural land for their living. Besides agricultural, the settlers are engaged in carpet weaving at Settlement carpet weaving center.

Settlement Setup

The settlement office is the principle post and only representative of the Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Dharamsala. The settlement officer is the charge with overall control of running affairs and the welfare of the settlement people. This settlement diversified into seven village with average of 45 family in each village.

Facilities available

School: 1 primary school up to class 8th std.&1crèches
Health: Branch of modern allopathic dispensary & Tibetan traditional medical center.
Monastery: One monastery.
Co-operative Society: The settlement has a Multipurpose Co-operative Society Registered under the Indian Co-operative Societies Act 1970. The Co-operative Society provide necessary services under the folowing different section to meet the need of the settlers such as: Fair Price shop, Carpet Center, Workshop, Restaurant and Guest house