Lingtsang, Munduwala


Lingtsang Tibetan settlement is located at Manduwala village about 30km from Dehra Dun town. The settlement was established basically through the community initiative of those who are living there with some assistance from local state Goverment and the Tibetan exile administration in Dharamsala. It is one of the smaller Tibetan settlement we have in India. It has no land except for homesteads and some community land. The total area of the settlement is 18 acre.

Settlement Location:

The settlement is located at Manduwala village of Dehradun Distt. Uttarakhand state of India. The topography of the area is flat plain with altitude of 2730ft above sea level. The average temperature of the settlement is 8.52° to 33° centigrade and average rainfall is 15 to 20 inches.

Settlement Population:

Initial Population:
Present population

Settler’s Livelihood:

Thus, main source of livelihoods of the settlers are entirely based on small scale and hand made metal-crafts producing mainly religious items such as cymbal, lamp, trumpet etc and small business.

Facilities in the settlement

School one primaryschool upto class V.
Health facilities The settlement has one health clinic. A doctor from Dekyling Tibetan settlement visits once a month in the settlement.

There are three monastery

1) Nyingmapa Monastery
2) Sakya Monastery
3) Bonpo Monastery.

Traveling Mode

Nearest Railway station Dehraun 12km from settlement
Bus and Taxi services Yes

Contact Address

Tibetan Kham Lingstang Society
P.O. Manduwala
Via Prem Nagar
Distt. Dehradun
Uttarakhand – UK


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